How to build a Balloon Column

Need a ‘little something’ to complete the look of your next party? Balloon columns are a simple (and budget-friendly) way to achieve a huge impact! Vary your colors and topper for a different look for each event…


  • 11″ latex balloons (4 per tier)
  • 2 x 260Q’s tied together (long skinny balloons)
  • 1 x Balloon Weight
  • 1 x Balloon Pump


1.  Inflate Balloons

Begin by inflating your balloons with air and tying with a standard knot.  You will need four balloons per tier of your tower.  It is critical that the balloons are inflated to the same size for proper styling of the column.

Expert tip: slightly under-inflate the balloons to gain more stability and reduce the likelihood of popped balloons.

2.  Tie balloons together

Tie all of your balloons into sets of two at the base of the knot. Then twist two pairs of balloons together to create a cluster of four balloons.  To achieve the look in this tutorial, tie balloons of the same color in a set of two and twist together with a pair of balloons in a different color.

3. Create the link

Tie two 260 Q balloons together (long skinny balloons used for balloon animals).  These will be used to stabilize and build your tower.  Tie the balloon link to your balloon topper.

4. Build your column

Begin building your balloon column by attaching your first four-balloon cluster to the balloon weight by tying the balloon link in a tight knot around the connected twist of the cluster. Then simply continue adding additional clusters or tiers by tying the twist with your balloon link. Rotate each tier 90° to achieve a swirled look for your balloon column.

Why not just use ribbon to connect the tiers? After many years of making balloon columns, the experts at Party America have found that ribbon can ‘cut’ and pop the balloons.

Expert tip: make sure to synch your balloon link tightly when stacking each tier.  This keeps your balloon column straight and tidy. For reference, a link made of two 260Q balloons will be long enough to connect six tiers.

5.  Top it!

Add a larger decorative balloon that matches your color theme to complete your balloon column! Connect with your balloon link or attached a helium balloon with ribbon for a fun floating topper.

Don’t want to spend the time to making your own balloon column, no worries! Let Party America do it for you! Call us today to order.

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